pilbosims3 asked: I Love you Honey! Give me ASAGI'S 5 Facts tho~♥ x'p Love u babe!! *kissss*
pilbosims3 replied:


Asagi!! x’DD you know him already! hahahahahaha!!

1. He is 2X years old. (It’s secret! xp)
2. His real characteristic is Absent Minded, Heavy sleeper, Loner, Good Sense of Humor (right?? :3), Party Animal and love watch the TV!!
3. He has lovely daughter!! love her so much!! of course, wife is the best!!
4. He watching TV ALWAYS x’D
5. He can’t be cheating(?) because she gets jealous easily. hahaha!

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To Reikooo ✡
To Little M ✡
reikosim3 asked: (中文版) 我喜歡你家Prince!! 所以交出他的五個秘密x'D (當然要跟風一下(?)
pilbosims3 replied:

Reiko竟然喜歡Prince!!!! *默默抄下* x’pp
Prince 5 Facts:
(1) 其實他一開始是飄寶的性轉娃(驚嘆號!!!)
(2) 然後大概24歲左右
(3) 嗜好是泡酒店泡妹妹目標當永遠單身族!!
(4) 178公分…恩…
(5) 喜歡跟Meo鬥嘴或打架 x’DDD

pilbosims3 asked: I Love your MO! So please tell me about his 5 facts!!! x'DD 我剛剛寄給Reiko中文版 然後現在又想用英文惹哈哈哈!!! *扭扭*
pilbosims3 replied:



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pilbosims3 asked: (中文版) 我喜歡你家Kanato!! 所以交出他的五個秘密(恩?!) x'pp
reikosim3 asked: 飄寶寶 ^3^ (今天也要衝第一個x'pp
pilbosims3 replied:

呀REIKO!!!! *抱緊!!!*
*只好衝第一個壓扁你(?!) x’pp*

typicalsimblr asked: I LOVE YOUR SIMS. List 5 facts about your favourite sims then send this to 10 simblrs ya love ♥
pilbosims3 replied:

Thank you Bestie TP and Love ya!!! ^3^* 
My favorite sims is Ziyan tho, and here r his 5 fcets
(1) He’s 182 cm tall
(2) Ziyan is 26 years old
(3) Star sign is Gemini
(4) He had a band with his elder brother ONCE,
      But his brother died to protect him
(5) Definitely a really Good COOK!! x’p 

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