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replied to your photoset: 
So cute ♥__♥
Awww!! Thank u lolitaaaa ♥ ;A;

replied to your photoset: 
Awww >3< Meo stole the candy, huehuehue
Yeahhh!! awww…u are the first one who found that
the main thing i want to indicate!!!! ;A; *hughug* x’D
Love u simstrocity!!!! *dancing*

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我也想…?? Meo!! give me that lollipop xp♥
Hahaha!! ok, cuz u are my honey! I guess Meo MUST give the lollipop to u!! :”P 

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阿阿阿阿!!每次都不知道怎麼稱呼你 :”P
謝謝你呀!! ♥ *抱*

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Can I have what they’re having? ;)
Awww!! Of course!! x’DD
They will be happy to share with u!! asdfdfgjdfjh *hug*

replied to your photoset: 
..can i please transform myself into a lollipop?! *O*
Hahahaha!!! Ok….i laughed cuz u are really a cute girl!!
well…u must be the cutest lollipop!! hahaha!! x’DD *hug*

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♥ >///3

typicalsimblr reblogged your photoset: 

oh my gosh! LOVE these photos so much~ >3<

and your boys are handsome

as always!! love u!
Awww TS!!! >///3 Thank u as always!! …;A;
and all the kind words and lots of love and 
being my friend!! and ….. *just so much of it!!*:”P
Love u too!!! ♥ >//3

littlemsim reblogged your photoset: 


抓到小M得100分 x’DDD
是說你上面說要連人一起吃 我竟然就這麼有了畫面!!
哈哈哈哈 愛使你!! >///3

rukimemo reblogged your photoset: 
Hahaha!!! Ruki >//3 Glad u like it!! *hughug* 

joonbaehong reblogged your photoset: 
Hi… This is my first time to write tumblr… ㅋㅋㅋ
Awwww!! and i am soo lucky that I am your first reblog,
am I ?! x’DDD *hughug*

the77sim3 reblogged your photoset: 
哈哈哈 賣萌的一群型男
七七!!! 對呀 整個有點高反差!! x’DD ♥

shatsai reblogged your photoset: 
棒棒糖被搶走惹!! x’DDD
傻兒也很可愛呀 *過來給姊姊抱抱(?!)* >//3

yumitaro reblogged your photoset: 
Thank u yumitarooo >//3
Haven’t seem u for a while, cuz I found lots of your
loving on my dashboard yesterday!!
Love u o//3…!!! *hug*
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